Light Up Our Streets: Oct. 11, 2017

Security is a concern for everyone. See this letter from Unit #107.

It may help if we could ALL be sure to have our outdoor lights on overnight. May I suggest: First: Replace all three outdoor lights with LED Bulbs, Second: Install an automatic switch (Vizia 24-hour programmable timer) that adjusts for daylight saving time--set it and forget it (See at Home Depot).

Garbage Dumpster Etiquette: Aug. 25, 2017

Ravenwood Terrace Garbage Dumpster Etiquette

A reminder to residents that wine (glass) and juice bottles, beer and pop cans go to the bottle recycling--the same place plastic bags and electronics go. It has been noted that some residents are not recycling correctly. Refer to this excerpt from the 2017 Residential Recycling Collection Guide. Visit the City of Kamloops website for more information.

View: Garbage Dumpster Etequette!

Site Update: Feb 6, 2016

Ravenwood News has a new look and feel. The News section is now in an accordian panel to better organize the content. Previous features are all here still and a new "Contact Us" page with an "Image Uploader" feature has been added.

The pop-up "Modal" will continue to show when you arrive on the page, but only when there is a really urgent message.


Ravenwood News is an idea worth trying. The more people who use our online newsletter the more useful it will be. It's free to use, so please give it a try. Send us something to post and see what response you get. In the meantime: Spread the Word! Please subscribe if you are not yet on our email list.

Buy/Sell/Rent or Trade
  • FOR SALE: Farm Fresh Brown Eggs: $5.00 doz.

    Contact Barbara or Robert - at unit 85

    Contact: 250-434-9260 or<

  • We will be selling our Unit #31 and would like stay in our complex. We would like to purchase a level entry Unit if anyone is thinking of selling and we require it in April.
       If you are thinking of selling your unit, please consider contacting us.

    Contact: Bob Currie: 250-314-1481 or

  • TO SHARE: Wheel Chair Ramp

    I have built a seriously heavy duty fold-up ramp for wheel chair access to landing from inside our garages. It nests under and onto the little wooden step we all seem to have. I have used it once to provide safe access for a very immobile guest. It is now hanging on hooks in my garage. Should anyone up here need to borrow it for a weekend or to house guests for a week or two I would be glad to carry it over to them,...but not too far. It is rugged and heavy i.e. of 3/4" plywood.

    Contact: Hans Koopman - - Unit #104

  • FOR SALE: 16 piece Pfaltzgraff Winterberry China. $40.00

    Absolutely perfect condition. Like new. Very rarely (if ever) used. No chips. See on Kijiji

    Contact: Peter Dalley - Ph: (250) 571-4434

  • My husband and I live in unit 16 and are interested in moving into a unit further back in the development--preferably the top or second to top row, but we're flexible.
       If you are thinking of selling your unit, please consider contacting us.

    Contact: Beth Hunter - 250-374-2696 (home) 250-612-2814 (cell)

  • FOR SALE: Power Wheelchair

    Black Quantum Q600E power wheelchair used for three weeks last year and has been in storage ever since. Paid $2000. Open to offers.

    Contact: Marg - Ph: 250-372-3194 Cell: 250-320-3194

  • FOR SALE: Gym Equipment

    Two workout benches and 1 chinup/dip frame for sale

    Contact: Ron Eddicott - Ph: 250 320-3372

  • Photo

    FOR SALE: Honda EM 3000

    Generator with Cycloconverter, RV plug Adapter, 12 volt battery charger option. Used 6 times and in brand new condition. New price, tax included was $2,160.48, will sell for $1500. In RV's it will run AC or microwave with ease. .
    Contact: Call 250-819-1111 (cell) or home 250-828-1619

  • FOR SALE: Weiider Workout Bench

    Perfect for home workouts. Excellent condition plus some weights and barbell. Need room bench must go - offers.
    Contact: Bob at Unit #75 Ph: 250 372-0712

Our Mandate...

The mandate of the Ravenwood Community Newsletter is to provide a forum for sharing between residents within our complex. This may include classifieds such as: For Sale, Wanted to Buy, Share/Trade items or services and to provide a place for announcements that may be of interest to other Ravenwood residents.

If you are wanting information or have questions or suggestions about strata issues, please go to the CML link below in, “The Broader Community," and contact Murray through that link. Our newsletter does not have the mandate to answer questions and/or report on strata matters.

Thank you for your interest, and we hope that you find our online newsletter useful.

A Welcome Message...

Ravenwood Terrace Community On-Line Newsletter

Welcome all to the On-Line Ravenwood Terrace Community Newsletter.

During the Strata Survey that was conducted a couple of years ago approximately 75% of the respondents indicated that they believed that a Community Newsletter would be of value to the residents of our complex.

Since that time there have been discussions with Owners within the Strata and recently Lily and Harvey Dalley, Unit #108 came forward offering to become involved in our Community On-Line Newsletter. Lily has volunteered to be the contact person/administrator of the Newsletter and Harvey has agreed to look after the technical side of the project (webmaster).  Strata Council has discussed this project and are in agreement that there is value in having a Newsletter and supports same.

This On-Line Newsletter should be used by Strata Owners to share information amongst owners.  Requests for action by CML Properties and subsequently your Strata Council will continue to be directed to our Property Manager Murray Campbell at

The Newsletter will be a work in progress as it moves forward and any helpful suggestions are to be directed to Lily for consideration. Thanks to Lily and Harvey for their commitment in implementing and leading this On-Line Community Newsletter as it rolls out and moves forward.
Strata Council
Strata Corporation KAS-1203
(Ravenwood Terrace)

Please contact CML Properties for any Strata/Management concerns.

Comment: August 2, 2015

Water on Eagle Way & Heron Drive: The water appearing on Eagle Way is being actively investigated by Council and our Property Manager along with the Property Management Company for Sierra Vista and the Sierra Vista Council.  This investigation has been ongoing for a number of weeks and involves the City of Kamloops, an Engineering firm engaged by your Strata Council, a separate Engineering firm engaged by Sierra Vista Strata Council and water testing laboratories.


What has been determined is that the water is probably “ground water” although the source has not been identified.  The Engineering Firm hired by Sierra Vista has advised that they will be preparing a proposal as to how to solve the issue in the next week or so.


The Engineering Firm that we have been consulting with have advised that our property is not in any immediate danger from this ground water runoff.  Obviously we will have to repair the damage that has been done to our roadway as a result of the water runoff, but there is no advantage to doing this until Sierra Vista have determined what it is they can do to stem the flow that is coming onto their property.  No sense or advantage in repairing our roadway if the problem above continues.  

We have met with Sierra Vista Council and their Property Manager and they have been very open and have assured us that they will share any information that they learn and we have agreed that we would do the same.  Murray Campbell, CML Properties (our Property & Strata Manager) has co-ordinated all parties working towards identifying the problem and coming up with a solution so everyone involved are sharing information and suggestions.


Traffic cones have been placed over the area that the majority of the water is coming up in order to encourage owners, visitors and others using the roadway not to drive directly over the area.  A reminder that the speed limit in our Strata is 15 Km per hour and if that is observed there should be no issue with traffic movement in the affected area.


Thanks to all for their co-operation as we move towards rectifying this situation.  Be assured that the issue is not being ignored.  Should there be questions/concerns please direct them via e/mail to our Property Manager Murray Campbell who will notify Council should that be necessary.  

Bob Leach – President Strata Corporation KAS-1203

Community Links

Ravenwood's Online Community
Ravenwood Glass Designs

Ravenwood Glass Designs is a family owned and operated business located in Kamloops, British Columbia. We would be more than happy to provide people with gifts for Christmas, weddings, graduations, custom orders, etc.

Hike Kamloops

Hike Kamloops. "Your best resource for Hiking in Kamloops!" Join us as we explore, document and share our adventures on Kamloops trails. We will be sharing our adventures through this blog, in hopes that you too will be able to go out and experience Kamloops for yourself! Here is one right in our back yard: Aberdeen Highlands Park

Sew Far Sew Good

SEW FAR SEW GOOD will be at the Kamloops Farmers' Market most Saturdays this season. We sell ladies bags and vests made mostly from recycled and/or donated materials. We welcome anyone, ages 3 years and up, to drop by and make a very simple sewing project on our antique handcrank sewing machine. This is a really fun way to use up my leftover materials and there is NO charge! (Formally Lilys Hobo Bags)

HjDalley Photo Art & Web Desigbn HjDalley Photo Art & Web Design. Both pursuits are mainly just a hobby, although I do have photos available for purchase through Fine Art America, which is linked to my site. Samples of past and present web designs can also be viewed here and this includes...Ravenwood Terrrace News.
*You must be a permanent resident of the Ravenwod Terrace Complex to post here.
The Broader Community
CML Properties Homepage...

To view our property managment website click the icon. To view Bylaws, Council/AGM Minutes, Financial Statements and other documents you must login here: Strata Login (Adobe Reader is required to read documents). Contact: 250 372-1232 or eMail:

New Location as of March 7, 2016: 272 Lansdowne Street Kamloops, BC V2C 1X7
Interior Community Services

Interior Community Services is a non-profit agency providing close to 50 programs in 32 communities. We provide support and services to approximately 1,100 people a day providing programs from prenatal to seniors.

Kamloops Community Gardens are shared land divided into garden plots for use by anyone in the community who wishes to participate in the opportunity to grow their own nutritious and healthy produce. See the exciting plan for our local West Highlands Community Garden and Public Produce Orchard here.

Aberdeen Neighbourhood Association Facebook: Aberdeen Neighbourhood Association, working with the City of Kamloops and Interior Community Services to organize events such as recent Mother’s Day activities in West Highlands Park. Learn about Kamloops’ NEWEST Community Garden in West Highlands Park and sign up for a garden plot.
Ukulele Orchestra of Kamloops

The Ukulele Orchestra of Kamloops meets Monday nights at the Plura Hills United Church, 2090 Pacific Way. This is an advanced group, but beginners are welcome to attend. We charge $2 pp for venue rental. Beginners/Intermediate meet on Tuesday afternoons at the North Shore Community Centre, 730 Cottonwood Avenue. These groups are a lot of fun! We bring instructors in from time to time, help one another with new techniques, we put on workshops, play at seniors homes and other community events and have a lot of fun making music and singing songs.

*Sites posted here must be of specific interest to residents of Ravenwood Terrace.

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